My 2014 Guilty Pleasure Videos, by DJ Dalek

My 2014 Guilty Pleasure Videos, by DJ Dalek

8 months ago • MUSICVIDEOS

We all have music and videos we would rather not talk about right? DJ Dalek let them out for us.

Monarchy - Dancing in the Corner (Video)

Monarchy – Dancing in the Corner (Video)

8 months ago • FEATURED POSTS

The official and sexy video for Monarchy’s Dancing in the Corner is out.

Submission Sunday

Submission Sunday


Your Submission Sunday is out, spend some quality time with H1987, Macajey and 11 November.

ISTILLFEELIT - Perfume (Stream + Download)

ISTILLFEELIT – Perfume (Stream + Download)

8 months ago • MP3S

Introducing ISTILLFEELIT and his new flow, Perfume, based on a haiku written by Matsuo Basho.

The Staves - Black & White (Video)

The Staves – Black & White (Video)

8 months ago • INDIE

Watch the official video from The Staves for Black & White on YMT.

Låpsley - Falling Short (JackLNDN Remix)

Låpsley – Falling Short (JackLNDN Remix)

9 months ago • MP3S

What do you think of JackLNDN’s dance floor touch on Låpsley’s Falling Short?

Majid Jordan - Forever (Video)

Majid Jordan – Forever (Video)

9 months ago • FEATURED POSTS

Ever rising Canadian duo Majid Jordan strike again with a stunningly shot video for Forever. A Place Like This EP is out.

Cat's Eyes - Duke of Burgundy (Video)

Cat’s Eyes – Duke of Burgundy (Video)

9 months ago • MUSICVIDEOS

Discover The Duke Of Burgundy’s soundtrack fashioned by Cat’s Eyes on YMT.