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Terri Timely isn’t your average director… first, because it isn’t just one dude, but two, consisting of Ian Kibbey and Corey Creasey. Second, the combination of these two talented directors has put out some of the best videos of the year. But enough from me, lets hear a little bit from them.

YMT: First off, Who IS Terri Timely? And where do you find inspiration for your videos?

TT: Terri Timely is Ian Kibbey and Corey Creasey. We live in Oakland ca.

Dutch painters mostly. We are really into the work of Caravaggio and Vermeer’s use of light at the moment.. actually we have no idea who those people are. We mostly just use the internet and long walks.

YMT: How have directing videos changed for you guys in the past couple years?

TT: We started making videos when we were just out of school and were making them for next to nothing but a couple years in we actually, sorta kinda, were making a living off of 30k -180k videos. That window lasted about 2 years from 2005 to 2007 and then the bottom dropped out of the music industry and now we are back to making videos for the love as there is very few videos with any sorta budget.

Luckily we got into directing commercials which pays the bills and can, at times, be cool in it’s own way. We try and make at least one to two videos a year just cause we still love the medium.

YMT: What was it like to work with the guys from Darwin Deez?

TT: Despite flying all the way to California from the UK just for a 3 day shoot Darwin was a total gentleman. Even to the park ranger who tried to shut us down.


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Click to check out the Darwin Deez Video for "Constellations"


YMT: What projects are you working on now? Anything you can give us a heads up on?

TT: Just finished a short called living together based on this story. Should be done in a couple of months.

Check out everything Terri Timely has to offer over at

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