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It’s not very often that you see paint being used in the world of music videos, but Carine Khalifé definitely used the art form perfectly in her new visual for Young Galaxy’s ‘Blown Minded’. Some serious work went into this project, here’s a little more about the process from Carine:

“Basically, my technique was to paint on a piece of glass fixed to a light box. I would paint on the glass with oil so that it wouldn’t dry, and I could play with it for hours.
A camera, fixed overhead above the animation table and plugged in my computer, would capture my paintings frame by frame and create the animation using the software Stop Motion Pro (the aardman studio software). This process took place inside a dark room so that there wouldn’t be interference or changing lights on the paint.

The single light source came from beneath the glass, revealing the textures and details of brushes movements. I worked a lot with transparency. The more paint, the darker the image, and therefore the animation becomes about gesture, and the texture of brushstrokes; it’s a very physical, organic process.

I animated between 3 and 8 seconds per day, depending on the complexity of the sequences. I wanted the whole image to move, to live – even when there wasn’t camera movement. So I repainted the whole frame each time…..”

- T&A - YMT

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