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Lykke Li - Jerome (Acoustic Session)

Lykke Li – Jerome (Acoustic Session)

993 days ago • ALTERNATIVE • [ 5 comments ]

An acoustic video for Lykke Li’s ‘Jerome’ off her LP Wounded Rhymes. The visual complements the track perfectly, as its set in a dark room with Lykke Li [...]

Spike Jonze to direct Kanye x Jay z 'Otis' Video

Spike Jonze to direct Kanye x Jay z ‘Otis’ Video

993 days ago • NEWS

There’s not too many things in this world that get me as excited as this did when I first heard it. Especially considering ‘Otis’ is probably one of [...]

Chromeo Ticket Giveaway : Winner Announced!

Chromeo Ticket Giveaway : Winner Announced!

993 days ago • GIVEAWAY • [ 1 comment ]

The winner of the Chromeo ticket giveaway is Nick Alblas who responded to our question ‘Tell us which Chromeo tune you can’t live without” with: “Bonafied lovin… but [...]

Deru - Fadeaway

Deru – Fadeaway

994 days ago • ELECTRO

An incredibly captivating video from electronic producer Deru for his latest track ‘Fadeaway’. The video is set in an auditorium, as a group of odd people wait for [...]

Miracle Parade - The Dying Physicist

Miracle Parade – The Dying Physicist

994 days ago • ALTERNATIVE

Impressive visual from artist Sam Molleur as he uses stop motion, miniature sets and rotoscoped character expression to create this awesome video for Miracle Parade’s ‘The Dying Physicist’.

Bag Raiders - Not Over

Bag Raiders – Not Over

994 days ago • ALTERNATIVE

Bag Raiders dropped this video for ‘Not Over’ a couple weeks ago that is set way back in the days of the caveman, as one of the members [...]

iamamiwhoami - Clump

iamamiwhoami – Clump

994 days ago • ALTERNATIVE

iamamiwhoami just dropped this video on her youtube page for her track ‘Clump’. You might recognize some sets as she returns to her bed made of toilet paper [...]

Flight Facilities ft. Jess - Foreign Language

Flight Facilities ft. Jess – Foreign Language

994 days ago • ALTERNATIVE

A temporary video from Flight Facilities latest ‘Foreign Language’ that features vocals from Jess Higgs. The footage is taken from the Roller Boogie movie and is set in [...]

Ladytron - White Elephant

Ladytron – White Elephant

994 days ago • ALTERNATIVE

Director Michele Civetta created this 1920′s themed visual for Britian’s synth-pop group Ladytron, for their latest track ‘White Elephant’. I can only imagine that this is what a [...]

Funeral Suits - Florida

Funeral Suits – Florida

994 days ago • ALTERNATIVE

The funeral Suits just dropped this space-related video for ‘Florida’, which stars a young man embarking on a journey to the unknown where he encounters a black hole. [...]