Jay-Z and Kanye West – Otis (Official)

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Here it is folks, Spike Jonze’s highly anticipated video for Jay-Z and Kanye’s track ‘Otis’ has finally dropped. The impressive visual has the two icons entertaining the camera for a solid 3 minutes, with a small cameo from Aziz Ansari (whaaaat). Who needs expensive sets when you can just chop up a maybach?

Watch it below on MTV:

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7 responses to “Jay-Z and Kanye West – Otis (Official)”

  1. fay says:

    its all about greed. I love the Video but what message are they trying to send out? Not the kind that Otis did.

  2. @Droow says:

    Exactly why black kids have no respect for anything except what the can get. #londonriots #birmingham #riots

    • Charles says:

      You sound quite ignorant bringing race into an argument like that. I don't feel it's appropriate, spread positivity not negative statements like that.

    • lan says:

      really Black kids? re-think before you just come to conclusions over topics such as RACE

  3. Alex says:

    There is no message in this video. What's so wrong about them having fun in a car? Race is irrelevant, and in fact, JayZ and Kanye have put the car up for auction. Proceeds are going towards the East African Drought Disaster.
    How's that for greed?

  4. jeremy says:

    you'd figure they'd do something cool to the maybach after chopping it up. what a p.o.s.

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