Google Music Launches


The world biggest search engine just launched its brand new service yesterday, that brings some competition to Apple’s Itunes. After striking deals with Universal Music, EMI, Sony and several other labels, Google music will start off with a measly 13 million songs in its database, with a cost to the end user ranging from free to $1.29.

Another competitive advantage google brings to the table is its free online sync, which allows you to upload, backup and listen to all your songs on basically every browser. Apple offers this too, but it racks up to be $24.99 a year.

Although they don’t have nearly as large of a library of tracks, as of now, google is offering a couple cool features to the program which include a free song of the day, plus its selection of free tracks, and all song previews are 90 seconds versus the 30 seconds we experience in iTunes.

As of right now, the service seems a little bit vague as how effective it will actually be to the end user, Google tends to introduce a relatively simple project and upgrade it constantly. It will be interesting to see where this one ends up, and how they will incorporate google+ into the mix.

Check it out here:

If anyone has already started using it, please share your experience thus far in the comments section below!

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