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4 years ago • ALTERNATIVE

This past summer, a group of very talented video directors hosted the first-ever OMG! CAMERAS EVERYWHERE!, which is a non-profit week long workshop for kids in LA. By the end of the week, the 12 amazing kids had written, directed, shot, styled, and starred in six music videos (plus several short films) in collaboration with an amazing group of directors. Here is one of the installments, set to Correatown’s ‘Play’.

OMG! Cameras Everywhere! was made with the help of Isaac Ravishankara, DANIELS, Jack Richardson, Matt Amato, Dugan O’Neal, Ben Fee, Ben Kutsko, Ariana Natale, Hiro Murai, Alistair Legrand, Judy Craig, Alex Pelly, David Altobelli, Raul Fernandez, Spencer Ockwell, Eli Stonberg, Larkin Seiple, David Myrick, HOLA, HYPE Los Angeles, Cinefamily, Doomsday Entertainment, and The Masses.

- T&A - YMT

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