Rich Aucoin – It

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Rich Aucoin teamed up with Director Noah Pink to deliver an absolutely awesome visual for his track ‘It’. The video pays homage to some of the greatest movies, with Rich playing the lead in all of them. Some of the clips and cast are insanely accurate!

So far I got Forrest Gump, Ghostbusters, Top Gun, E.T., Night at The Roxbury and Princess Bride. Can anyone help with the others?!

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  1. rayray says:

    Standing in front of a mirror Aucoin is channeling DeNiro from Taxi Driver. The b&w scenes are from Its a wonderful life, except of course the zombie and torch scene which is from Night of the living dead. Towards the end is a quick scene of a bearded man holding a gun from Die Hard and lastly more scenes from Its a wonderful life and Taxi Driver.