Mint Julep – To The Sea


Directing gurus, A nice idea every day, are back together with Mint Julep to create another impressive video, this time for the track ‘To The Sea’. The video looks to be created by using the signature camera shift technique which you can also witness in ‘Aviary‘. Some really amazing shots in this one. Check it out above!

” The band asked us if we were interested in directing a follow up to the “Aviary” video and after listening to the song we feel in love with it immediately and the ideas just started flowing. We loved working with our friend Luisa who already acted in the “Aviary” video so we asked her if she would be interested and luckily she agreed immediately.

We’ve always been fond of good books with beautiful covers and to include this in the video just felt very natural to us. The video was shot in a small lake town outside of Berlin that our producer found and the mood just fit perfectly with what we had in mind.

It was pretty clear to us that we didn’t want to work with the exact same technique again. It took us a lot of coffee and cappuccino breaks to find a way to significantly improve the camera shift technique and we’re very proud with the end result as we think it is something unique and never been done before. The post production was insane for such a small production and involved several computers running straight for days.”

– A Nice Idea Everyday

- T&A - YMT

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