∆ – Breezeblocks

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Director Ellis Bahl just blew me away with his new video for the ∆ (alt-j) track ‘Breezeblocks’. The story starts from the end, as we witness what looks to be a cold blooded murder, but then he unravels the whole situation by using reverse storytelling that shows the whole tale. The visual is just under 4-minutes long, but feels like it lasts for about 30 seconds (it’s that good!).

Director: Ellis Bahl
Producer: Jessica Bermingham
Exec. Producer: Tessa Travis
Production Co.: Project Fathom
Label: Infectious Music UK

DP: Pat Scola
Production Design: Brian Chandler
1st AD: Daniel Lugo
Makeup: Stephanie Wise
Stylist: Marcela Lucia Cole

- T&A - YMT

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