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A couple weeks back I had the pleasure of sitting down with Adam and Kev from Playground. If you don’t know what Playground is, you are about to learn about one of the coolest music-related concepts around right now.

Playround is really a simple concept: bring together a band, or an artist, and a room full of people to create and record a song in just one sitting.

The idea is to create an environment where the audience can actually participate in the music creation, and it doesn’t matter whether the participants know how to play an instrument, or not, as the idea is to cater to everyone from professional musicians to non-musicians. And if you’re still nervous, know that the organizers provide some liquid courage to help ease the jitters and get the creative juices flowing.


As of right now Playground exists only in Vancouver but Kev and Adam are planning to take the show on the road. So make sure to hit up Playground’s exclusive mailing list, and get your chance to take part in this awesome project.

The most recent show, which took place on May 6th, was led by Bend Sinister and should be available to enjoy within the next few weeks!

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