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“Our Sorrows” is Julia Holter’s newest visual to come from her recent album Ekstasis. The video was directed by Naomi Yang of Galaxie 500 and Damon & Naomi, and finds Julia Holter winding a miles-long string maze through Los Angeles. Read more about the visual from Naomi Yang below.

When I first listened to Julia Holter’s “Our Sorrows”, I was intrigued by the lyric in the chorus: “If you call out, I will follow.” It didn’t seem to me that it was a statement of devotion addressed to a lover, but more about Julia listening for inner direction. When I mentioned this idea to Julia, she emphatically agreed. She said that she often thinks of her music as something that is inside her, almost like an intuition that she allows to lead her.

In the opening scenes of the video Julia is wondering, questioning, trying to divine her future. She sets out onto the streets of Los Angeles, weaving a magenta ribbon throughout the neighborhoods. Perhaps using the ribbon as a marker to find her way home, perhaps as a visual metaphor for weaving together her experiences. Or perhaps she has just decided, for no good reason, that she wants to thread this ribbon through the city.

Julia and I developed the arc of the video as we worked, allowing what we filmed to determine where we would go next. We chose locations that in some way had a resonance to Julia’s actual daily life in L.A., though I had an idea from the start that she should be making her way from an urban environment to a more pastoral one.

The filming of this video is a result of a personal journey for me as well: directing and filming music videos is something I have only recently started to do, and yet it feels so natural to me – drawing on my years of experience with still photography and playing music.

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