Mark Ronson & Katy B – Anywhere In The World

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Mark Ronson teams up with Katy B to present a new track/video for this year’s Summer Olympics in London. The track was commissioned by Coke, and uses snippets and sounds from several athletes who will be participating in the events this summer. Have a watch above.

“Sport is music in the way that it has so many different natural rhythms,” says Ronson. “When I was recording the athletes, I wasn’t really thinking of them in terms of athletes performing a sport. I was thinking of them as people in an orchestra.”

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2 responses to “Mark Ronson & Katy B – Anywhere In The World”

  1. SallyAnn says:

    All I see above is a black box. 🙁 No video. Bummer.

    • L.U - YMT says:

      Sorry SallyAnn, but it seems that the video provider (Rolling Stone) takes some time to load and is a little finicky… I’m trying to track down a better video source, but for now try and refresh the page and see if that does the trick!