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Warm Myth’s video for “Working” dives deep into the creative mind of director Jesse Yules (also responsible for Of Montreal’s “Spiteful Intervention”), who delivers a captivating and original clip for the rhythmic tune. The clip uses paint, origami and mirrors to create a mind bending collage of images.

Read Jesse Yules’ brief background/technique for the video below, via The Creators Project:

For Warm Myth I wanted to continue playing with some of the peekaboo shots I used in my previous video for Of Montreal’s “Spiteful Intervention.” I like the idea of an alternate video lurking under the video we’re watching. I began thinking of ways that an image could morph or fold out of the way to reveal a new image. I visited some simple origami blogs looking for ideas. After a while I started to think the origami folds could be used not just as transitions, but to animate paintings. The same trick is used to make the head of state on a paper bill appear to be smiling. Don Hertzfedt’s classic “Rejected” also comes to mind, although “Rejected” takes the idea much further.

As with the Of Montreal video, I did a series of paintings I thought fit the vibe of the song, then experimented with folding the paintings in various ways. From there, I decided to play off the geometry of the folds created, which led me to experiment with kaleidoscope images. I knew that the kaleidoscope effect had been done to death (it’s an After Effects filter) so I thought it might be interesting to try and do the effect practically.

Below is a rough set up from the shoot. I shot the folded paintings near a window in my house, to take advantage of the natural light.

Warm Myth, Jesse Yules, Working

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