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2 years ago • ELECTRO

2013 – Looking like this EP – French Gramm

Let us introduce three great French guys. Lyre le temps released last April an entertaining EP, Looking like this, and published on the 10th of June the associated visual. Their previous album Lady swing is a jewel merging dub/Jazz/Electro; it seems these talented guys know no limits. These guys are live beasts! They will release a new album this autumn: Outside the box.

Check Looking like this visual which reminds that money cannot buy happiness. It pictures some homeless guys waking up to discover they are the new owner of a Ferrari full of money… They do enjoy their new lifestyle but then abandon it in regards to the sanity and loyalty of the people they encounter in their new circle.

You can also enjoy About the trauma drum, a completely different style and visual. It relates a world overly ruled and dominated by fears, where Music may be the (necessary?) start of a revolution. This is from Lady Swing album.

Did you know?
The singer and pianist Ry’m is not kidding! His contributions to the album are not prepared and recorded in one shot; now this is a jazzy man.

- T&A - YMT

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