RJD2 – Her Majesty’s Socialist Request

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RJD2 - Her Majesty Socialist's Request

Oct. 2013 – More Is Than Isn’t – RJ’s Electronic Connections

The talented DJ / producer to whom we owe the awesome Deadringer (2002) is coming back later this year. Her Majesty’s Socialist Request is the first single from More Is Than Isn’t that will be out October the 8th. Mainly instrumental with an oriental touch; the work is very neat but I do not think it will haunt my mind. As always when your expectations are not met, you may either reduce them or be disappointed. Hmmm, no that is wrong; I am a bit disappointed but will keep my expectations high knowing they will be met at some point by this talented guy. Be the judge for yourself:

Did you know?
RJD2 is Ramble John Krohn, comes from Oregon and owns RJ’s Electronic Connections. You may have heard RJD2 in multiple tv ads / movies; his album Deadringer particularly had a huge success (Final Frontier, Ghostwriter, The Horror…).

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