Jay Z – Picasso Baby (A Performance Art Film)


2013 – Magna Carta… Holy Grail

Jay Z keeps on surprising us; this time with an unusual video for Picasso Baby. Jay Z gathered big names from various artistic horizons at the Pace Gallery in New York City. During 6 hours, Jay played Picasso Baby to some happy few; we can recognised:

  • Judd Apatow (the guy on the phone)
  • Jim Jarmush
  • Michael Kenneth Williams (The Wire)
  • Marina Abramovic, big reference in contemporary art

The video above is a ten minutes digest directed by the excellent Mark Romanek (99 Problems and other videos for Fiona Apple, Johnny Cash or Nine Inch Nails) that respects Jay Z’s intentions:

“We are artists. We are alike. We’re cousins. That’s what’s exciting for me—bringing the worlds back together.”

Did you know?
This experiment has been inspired by Marina Abramovic’s recent MoMA exhibition (The Artist Is Present) where she sat during 736 hours at the museum.

- T&A - YMT

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