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2 years ago • INDIE

Have you heard about Paradame? Brenna Vertz is onto her second solo album that should be released in the coming months, even though we do not know its name yet. We now have the visual that has been made for Toe Up by J. Lee and Mezus. Try out some Paradame’s rapping flavoured by darkish electronic yummy bass. This sounds new; I like it and think we will inevitably hear more about Paradame in a near future.

Did you know?
J. Lee is also Paradame’s producer and Brenna’s husband. They are both involved in a project called Active I.
I found this on her website:

Every thought has a frequency. Each of these frequencies has its own energy; all of us are the masters of a single infinite power we work with as one.

Not sure how this is related but loved the quote. Find Paradame on Facebook; 23 likes missing for her to get to 1K; can we do this?

UPDATE (29th August):
As expected, we hear more about Paradame. Anybody into bondage? Here is a new visual for Creepy Love Song:

Very very different from Toe Up; true artists.

- T&A - YMT

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