Sage Francis – Blue (Video)


Out Now – SICK TO D(EAT)H mixtape – Strange Famous Records

Here is Blue, off of Sage Francis’ latest mixtape SICK TO D(EAT)H. The providence rapper tackles PTSD and reminds that vets may sometimes struggle when back to civilian life and need our help. I can sense much pain in there, anybody knows whether Francis had a hard time lately? An album is also to be expected soon (Copper Gone) on his own label SFR; will keep you posted. Video is directed by Jay Brown.

Lyrics (via rapgenius):

[Verse 1]
He was a southpaw but had a killer right swing
An outlaw inside of the ring
Every now and then he’d be put against the ropes but then he’d bounce back
Catch a second wind and throw blows ’til noses crack
He smashed mouths, he saw red and blacked out
Received a couple pats on the back for the smack downs
Negative reinforcement, never did he endorse it
Had the business sense to wait for press conferences to talk shit
He wasn’t a dullard, though he’d never say much
Properly mothered but his father taught him how to take a punch
It was bare knuckle touch of tough love
When he got drunk enough he took his kid down to the gym and fit him up with gloves
Tied together with a shoelace, took em apart put em on
Looked in the mirror, practiced his screw face
Said this is for you pops, for all the things we never got to do
The hottest part of a flame is blue

The hottest part of a flame is blue [3x]

[Verse 2]
Now we got children thinking that their born to fist fight
Cause they’ve been promised an apocalypse, by profits without insight
He coulda fooled us, in fact we’re dumb struck
The school bus is looking like a dump truck
Stuffed in class like a landfill until it overflows
Babysitters can’t get the students off their mobile phones
A junkyard dog is eating trash in the cafeteria
Feeling mad at America
The school counselor likes to recycle psycho babble
The assistant to the teacher is just an old T.V
Now they’ve all got the urge to battle
Cause they see a sign that says, “Like to travel? R.O.T.C.”
I don’t think he can handle, he goes from flannel to camo
Cold putting all the ammo in his gun
He watched channel one, switched to channel two
Unplug completely, the hottest part of a flame is blue


[Verse 3]
We’re acting like an enemy is the sea, sky, and land now
Came across soldiers who did nothing but yell, “stand down”
In their spare time inside a shower stall
If not that, they’re at the corner store playing PowerBall
And when the towers fall, they get protective of this land
And won’t stand for anything to get resurrected
They’re waiting for the second coming, the Great Pumpkin
Deep down, they know they really wanna do is break something
That’s what they’re trained to do
And then they say to you
“Just cause you see the devil in my eyes don’t make it true”
And I say, “true enough”
All that fire in your eyes shows pain
But the flame ain’t blue enough


- T&A - YMT

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