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GroundBoy entrusted us to reveal his very first EP and we accepted with pleasure. Here are few words describing this young and talented artist:

Under the blazing sun of Montpellier, a cool town in the South of France, lives a dreamer… Growing up listening to his father’s music; Bob Dylan, Pink Floyd, Velvet Underground and so many others. The time he came out of age, the guitar had become another part of himself. Very talented, he could switch to rock, trip-hop, electronica and experimental. Taking inspirations from everywhere and everyone, because everything that’s surrounding us is a source, a muse. And what could be a better place for Groundboy’s inspiration than Montpellier, the cradle of music and art? Determined to share his vision of peace and harmony with the world, Groundboy started making his own music.
One music after another, we realize that it is powerful, yet tender. Disturbingly sad, then surprisingly jubilant before taking another twist. It wrestles with one’s emotions and is out of this world. The 4 tracks are mentally and aurally challenging. We already streamed Echoes a month ago and Keep Thinking got featured in a Submission Sunday. Now is the time to discover the 2 remaining tracks:

Psyche Avenue looks like a mantra, the origin of his inspiration, until a break comes in the song which seems to introduce a concern, feed by electro tending to remind us of Mount Kimbie or Bibio…
The 4th song called The Same, closes the EP on the theme of disenchantment in a fragile and sensitive electro-folk. Groundboy says: “Feeling the same, feeling so low, feeling your pain and I got to go.” The closing is materialized by a final piano melody with a sample of an interview of a famous French pop singer (post-war) which adds a delicate intensity. The last words on his EP: “Time to go”.

Groundboy has decided to share his EP as a name-your-price download, you can grab it here! To know all about his next releases, check out his Facebook and Soundcloud.

Now, Groundboy provides a peaceful music for dreamcatchers.

- T&A - YMT

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