2014 Nuits Carrées Festival – Look And Feel

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2014 Nuits Carrées Festival - Look And Feel

Just had a glorious weekend spending most of our time at Les Nuits Carrées Festival in Antibes, France (see more and stream the full line-up here). This is about the fourth time we attend this festival and, as usual, it felt like spending some quality time with family. This year we went in “professionally” and got to understand a bit more of the underlying magic. Get into YMT’s skin and discover below what we got out of it; you can also read two exclusive interviews of Isaya and Elodie Rama.

  • Seb, Steph and Virginie, the thinking heads of this festival, got us in with a friendly smile and much respect. An illustration of the festival itself which bewares its footprints and offers a stunning line-up for a VERY fair price (10€).
  • The way things are organized and how the festival’s technicians expressed their anger towards the government (quite few things going on in France as of now) and their very own choice not to interfere with the party anyway.
  • Saint-Michel and its drummer; his flow and way of playing was fairly unique and unconventional. He probably did learn on his own.
  • Kadebostany, one of the two revelations of the festival, which completely blown the crowd away with their very own style and visual scenery. Much is to be learnt from the lead singer Anima and the way she sings and performs. I bet she created a mesmerising and memorable experience for quite few males, including myself (do not tell Alice!). I however wish they had a drummer; would take things yet to another level.
  • Balthazar and their hits; seems much people were there for them. To me it felt a bit under Kadebostany’s performance, they are at a level which rises a lot my expectations and gets me intransigent I guess.
  • Jukebox Champions and their unique craft to beautifully end the first night. Blanka falled from stage and almost killed himself but thankfully things turned out fine and did not impact the show.
  • We unfortunately completely missed the Canadian Sweatshop Union as we were interviewing Elodie Rama.
  • THE highlight of the weekend goes, in my opinion, to Submotion Orchestra and their stunning performance. I love to dissect music; I love it even more when I cannot fully comprehend it. This was the case for quite few samples which left me wondering “where is this coming from?!”. My new favourite band for the weeks to come.
  • Lords Of The Underground, the legends, and the way they achieved the difficult mission consisting in entertaining a crowd not speaking your language (yep, we’re French, why would we need any other language anyway? :) ).
  • And DJ Kentaro (highest grades ever at the DMCs…) who just happened to loose his gear during a connection. Here is where Steph comes in and makes phone calls to find the proper turntables and allow the magic to go on. Kentaro then totally killed it anyway; we could feel his talent gradually making one with the unknown machine within minutes. This is talent doubled by professionalism. Thank you!

If you were there, or if you read our previous post, chances are you noticed two artists are missing? The twin sisters Isaya and the angelic Elodie Rama won the festival’s springboard as well as their tickets to gracefully get things hot. As YMT is always into the soon-to-be-known, they deserve their very own posts.

Learn more about Isaya and their connections with Mathieu Chedid, UB40 and Toto here.
Learn more about Elodie Rama and her connections with C2C, 20syl and Hocus Pocus here.

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