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Want to show off your skills? Here are some ways for you do get featured on YMT; we’ve put up a whole bunch of social networks to stay connected and informed. Because we all share the same passion, the same love. Who wants to rock this beautiful World?


This is an extract from the latest album of African’s beautiful voice, Rokia Traoré. She got so famous in France and in Europe by bringing hope and love through music. She came to our ears thanks to Stefano and Massimo, two musicians who worked on her previous album. It seems that beautiful people attract each other. Follow the Diva on Facebook.


The Division Men – Criminal

Introducing a Husband and Wife duo originally formed in Berlin, now based in Texas, and their newest release, Criminal, off their last album, Under the Gun, released in May 2014. Catch The Division Men on Facebook. Thank you Caroline for sharing your work!


Jeremy Mage & The Magi – Waste This Year

Welcoming back Jeremy Mage And The Magi with a new video for Waste This Year, off his previous album self-titled (stream it here). Charming as always, Jeremy Mage’s flow will put a smile on your face.

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