Director's Spotlight: Ian Pons Jewell

Director’s Spotlight: Ian Pons Jewell

3 months ago •

Step into the very unique world of a top-notch director: Ian Pons Jewell, and get some insights on his latest video (ODESZA’s Say My Name).



7 months ago •

Great talent from Norway. Give a go at Kaja Gunnufsen’s poetry, from Norway, with a stunning visual from Kenneth Karlstad and his thoughts on it.

David Wilson's Alternative Advent Calendar 2011

David Wilson’s Alternative Advent Calendar 2011

3 years ago •

Director David Wilson presents us with a great Alternative Advent Calendar. He has paired with unique musicians to present us with 25 days of advent, with some mind […]

Director's Spotlight : Andreas Nilsson

Director’s Spotlight : Andreas Nilsson

4 years ago •

Andreas Nilsson has been on the scene for almost 10 years now and has been pumpin out dozens of music videos for a huge amount of artists that […]

Director's Spotlight : Behn Fannin

Director’s Spotlight : Behn Fannin

4 years ago •

Behn Fannin isn’t your average dude. He seems to have his hand in every type of visual stimulation I can think of. When he’s not making music videos […]

Director's Spotlight : Kris Moyes

Director’s Spotlight : Kris Moyes

4 years ago •

Kris Moyes has been killin it ever since he started directing videos in 2005. Working with artists like Franz Ferdinand, Beck, Cut Copy and countless more, its easy […]

Director’s Spotlight : Terri Timely

Director’s Spotlight : Terri Timely

4 years ago •

Terri Timely isn’t your average director… first, because it isn’t just one dude, but two, consisting of Ian Kibbey and Corey Creasey. Second, the combination of these two […]

Director's Spotlight : Nathan Boey

Director’s Spotlight : Nathan Boey

4 years ago •

Next up in directors chair is visual genius, Nathan Boey. Most recently directing Paper Lions “lost at War”, he seems to have a knack for capturing a songs […]