Julia Holter - Moni Mon Ami (Official)

Julia Holter – Moni Mon Ami (Official)

758 days ago • ALTERNATIVE

A couple days ago, we saw Julia Holter perform a solo version of ‘Moni Mon Amie’ for Yours Truly, and now we have the official video for the [...]

iamamiwhoami - play

iamamiwhoami – play

758 days ago • ALTERNATIVE

Whenever iamamiwhoami releases a visual interpretation for her tracks, you know its going to be a little odd. And this one isn’t any different. Offered today is the [...]

Sigur Rós – Ekki múkk

Sigur Rós – Ekki múkk

758 days ago • ALTERNATIVE

Sigur Rós drops a simple video for their single ‘Ekki múkk’ which comes off their upcoming EP Valtari. The grainy video was created by Jónsi’s sister, Inga Birgisdóttir.

Belle And Sebastian - Crash

Belle And Sebastian – Crash

759 days ago • ALTERNATIVE

Belle And Sebastian turn into miniature CGI characters in their new video for ‘Crash’, which is actually a cover of The Primitives 1988 hit song with the same [...]

La Sera - Real Boy / Drive On

La Sera – Real Boy / Drive On

759 days ago • ALTERNATIVE

La Sera’s Katy Goodman creates a combo visual as he she fuses ‘Real Boy’ and ‘Drive On’ into one music video. The first half is a circus-based puppy [...]

Alialujah Choir - A House a Home

Alialujah Choir – A House a Home

759 days ago • ALTERNATIVE

A captivating new video from The Alialujah Choir as they enlist director Daniel Fickle to create a visual interpretation of their track ‘A House a Home’, which also [...]

Izabo - I Like It

Izabo – I Like It

762 days ago • ALTERNATIVE

Izabo, the funky Israeli four piece, have just released the video for their ‘I Like It’ single, the first track to be lifted from their forthcoming UK debut [...]

Boy Crisis - L'Homme

Boy Crisis – L’Homme

763 days ago • ALTERNATIVE

An unexpected release from Boy Crisis as they release a new video for their old track ‘L’Homme’. This is a nice little surprise, since rumours swirled that they [...]

Keaton Henson - Small Hands

Keaton Henson – Small Hands

764 days ago • ALTERNATIVE

A stunning video from director Joseph Mann as he creates a wonderful world of forest creatures for Keaton Henson’s tune ‘Small Hands’. At first glance you may assume [...]

Ceremony - Adult

Ceremony – Adult

765 days ago • ALTERNATIVE

Cali-based crew Ceremony are back with a new visual for ‘Adult’ which comes off their most recent offering, Zoo. The clip captures a woman who sneaks away from [...]

Shlohmo – wen uuu

Shlohmo – wen uuu

765 days ago • ALTERNATIVE

Berlin-based director Florian Döring delivers an unofficial video for Shlohmo’s track ‘wen uuu’. The track comes off Shlohmo’s Vacation EP, which is out now through Friends of Friends. [...]