Tennis - My Better Self

Tennis – My Better Self

4 years ago • ALTERNATIVE

“My Better Self” is the newest video to come off Tennis’ recent LP Young & Old. The visual stars the crew as they perform the track to a […]

Toby Gale - Showdown

Toby Gale – Showdown

4 years ago • ALTERNATIVE

The newly formed directing crew known as Crowns & Owls have delivered their first video under the new moniker, for Toby Gale’s track “Showdown”. The video follows a […]

Electric Guest - This Head I Hold

Electric Guest – This Head I Hold

4 years ago • ALTERNATIVE • [ 2 comments ]

Director Keith Schofield put together this highly entertaining video for Electric Guest’s track “This Head I Hold”, which comes off the duo’s Danger Mouse-produced album Mondo. The visual […]

Zeus - Are You Gonna Waste My Time?

Zeus – Are You Gonna Waste My Time?

4 years ago • ALTERNATIVE

Directors Brett Long and Winston Hacking have created an awesome video for Zeus’ track “Are You Gonna Waste My Time?”. The visual stars the band (kinda), as they […]

Hooray For Earth - No Love

Hooray For Earth – No Love

4 years ago • ALTERNATIVE

Hooray For Earth’s new video reminds me of the days when I was tortured by having to watch choppy music videos on my slow old computer. The laggy […]

Cold Specks - Blank Maps

Cold Specks – Blank Maps

4 years ago • ALTERNATIVE

A couple weeks ago, I posted Cold Specks newest track entitled ‘Blank Maps” (which I can’t get enough of), and now we are graced with a visual interpretation […]

Punks Jump Up feat. Chromeo – Mr Overtime

Punks Jump Up feat. Chromeo – Mr Overtime

4 years ago • ALTERNATIVE

Punks Jump Up have teamed up with Chromeo, more specifically Dave 1, to collaborate on a new track and video which goes by the name “Mr Overtime”. Apparently […]

Chairlift - Met Before

Chairlift – Met Before

4 years ago • ALTERNATIVE

Chairlift recently teamed up with five ladies to record an auditorium version of their track “Met Before”. The video was filmed late last year, although it has that […]