Fiona Apple - The Scarecrow

Fiona Apple – The Scarecrow

1 year ago • ALTERNATIVE

A lovely animation glorifying agriculture and sustainable farming. The scarecrows rebel!

Coldplay - Atlas

Coldplay – Atlas

1 year ago • ALTERNATIVE

Coldplay have been choosen for The Hunger Games 2′s soundtrack. Here is a new track called Atlas.

Zola Jesus – Fall Back

Zola Jesus – Fall Back

1 year ago • ALTERNATIVE

Zola is wondering into desolate structures and abandoned woods. We feel the Japanese touch as she got inspired by their beautiful culture.

LUNGS - Loner

LUNGS – Loner

1 year ago • ALTERNATIVE

Have a try at Lungs and their cool visual for Loner. Their EP Faraway is out.

Natasha Khan & Jon Hopkins - Garden's Heart

Natasha Khan & Jon Hopkins – Garden’s Heart

1 year ago • ALTERNATIVE

In the middle of the third world war, a young woman is trying to survive. Natasha Khan & Jon Hopkins did a really good job on this one.

Yodelice - Fade Away

Yodelice – Fade Away

1 year ago • ALTERNATIVE • [ 2 comments ]

Another very good piece from Eliot Bliss for Yodelice’s title Fade Away. Their fourth album, Square Eyes, will be out 9th of September.

Queen Kwong - Baby Did a Bad Bad Thing

Queen Kwong – Baby Did a Bad Bad Thing

1 year ago • ALTERNATIVE

Who has been a naughty girl? Queen Kwong seems to live with it! Watch Baby Did a Bad Bad Thing!

Five Knives - Vive Le Roi

Five Knives – Vive Le Roi

1 year ago • ALTERNATIVE

Five Knives contest Launch! Remix the tune Vive le Roi, win a 1000$ and your track will be released via RedBull Records! What a cool OPPORTUNITY!