MGMT - Your Life Is A Lie

MGMT – Your Life Is A Lie

257 days ago • ALTERNATIVE • [ 2 comments ]

Watch the latest visual from Tom Kuntz for MGMT: Your Life Is A Lie. MGMT’s second album is to be expected in September.

Wise Blood - Alarm

Wise Blood – Alarm

260 days ago • ALTERNATIVE

Wise Blood is back today to share the video Alarm, directed by Keith Musil, this one gives a creepy feeling all along, and knows how to sustain the suspense!

The Naked & Famous - HEARTS LIKE OURS

The Naked & Famous – HEARTS LIKE OURS

260 days ago • ALTERNATIVE

The New Zealand band, The Naked and Famous just released his song “Hearts Like Ours” from his second album “Rolling Waves”! Enjoy!

KELPE - Go Visible

KELPE – Go Visible

262 days ago • ALTERNATIVE

When experimental music mixes with contemporary dancing and visual effects, the result is bound to be at least interesting. All this begins with the invitation to “make yourself at home” in a stranger’s flat…

Funeral Suits - We Only Attack Ourselves

Funeral Suits – We Only Attack Ourselves

263 days ago • ALTERNATIVE

Funeral Suits gives us a deeply creepy, dark brilliance and breathtaking visual. The main character, in a I Robot style, lives in the ruins of his past.

Jeff Knabel - For Once In Your Life

Jeff Knabel – For Once In Your Life

264 days ago • ALTERNATIVE

Jeff Knabel release an oldy but a goody rock, For Once In Your Life. Enjoy!

DJ Earworm - SummerMash '13

DJ Earworm – SummerMash ’13

267 days ago • ALTERNATIVE

DJ Earworm made a melting pot of basically every hit that’s been released this year in music. You’ve got tracks from Daft Punk, Robin Thicke, Macklmore, Rihanna, Christan Aguilera and more.

Annie Eve - Elvis

Annie Eve – Elvis

267 days ago • ALTERNATIVE

Listen to Annie Eve and her sad but beautiful title: Elvis. Another young genius…

Lovage - To Catch a Thief

Lovage – To Catch a Thief

268 days ago • ALTERNATIVE

I couldn’t resist to show you this; To Catch a Thief from Lovage! A trip-hop project by Nathaniel Merriweather

Jacuzzi Boys - Double Vision

Jacuzzi Boys – Double Vision

269 days ago • ALTERNATIVE

Do you really wanna know how girls look like when they go crazy? Double Vision from the Jacuzzi Boys will give you a sight!