Devendra Banhart - Für Hildegard von Bingen

Devendra Banhart – Für Hildegard von Bingen

9 months ago • FEATURED POSTS

Devendra reworked Sister Act in its own way. A black singer stuck in a convent thinking back at the height of her fame.

YOUNG GALAXY - Privileged Poor

YOUNG GALAXY – Privileged Poor

9 months ago • INDIE

Young Galaxy just shared their new visual for Privileged Poor off their sublime album Ultramarine!

Mononoke - Alice

Mononoke – Alice

9 months ago • INDIE

It is not a fairy tale anymore, but a black and white world, a grim tale narrated with delicious vocals.

SOHN - Lesson

SOHN – Lesson

9 months ago • FEATURED POSTS

SOHN dropped a beautiful visual for “Lessons”. You know this kind of feelings, where you seat in a bar and picture yourself running away? There it is.

Susy Sun - Forward Backward

Susy Sun – Forward Backward

9 months ago • FEATURED POSTS

Welcome to the fairy world of Susy Sun! A perfect beat for a perfect Monday morning.

The Daydream Club - Found

The Daydream Club – Found

9 months ago • INDIE

Watch a joyful and honest visual from The Daydream Club for their upcoming EP “Found”.

Dream Koala - Odyssey

Dream Koala – Odyssey

9 months ago • INDIE

We all have crazy dreams and Dream Koala just made a movie out of them. Brilliant.

Michael Milosh - Slow Down

Michael Milosh – Slow Down

9 months ago • INDIE

Get ready to take out your tissues!