Movement - Us

Movement – Us

12 months ago • INDIE

A gun can kill; be careful to whom you give it. Try Movement and their darly sensual track “US”.

Travis Cold - Felt

Travis Cold – Felt

12 months ago • FEATURED POSTS

Travis Cold released once again a simple and yet beautiful melody. What is haunting him? An ex girlfriend gone with his feelings.

Agnes Obel - The Curse (Berlin Live Session)

Agnes Obel – The Curse (Berlin Live Session)

12 months ago • INDIE

Agnes Obel comes back with a Berlin live session of “The Curse”. 7 minutes to fly away!

Perera Elsewhere - Bizarre

Perera Elsewhere – Bizarre

12 months ago • INDIE

Enjoy some weirdness with Perera Elsewhere and the title “Bizarre”. Everlast album will be out soon.

Jhameel - Feisty

Jhameel – Feisty

12 months ago • INDIE

Do you know Jhameel? It is probably time to give a try at the energetic track “Feisty”. Lion’s Den album should be out soon.

Groenland - Immune

Groenland – Immune

12 months ago • FEATURED POSTS

Beware a wolf may be lurking in the woods… Immune is the latest and brilliant release of Groenland.

Junip - Walking Lightly

Junip – Walking Lightly

12 months ago • INDIE

José González is back for our greatest pleasure with a new album Walking Lightly. This guy is magic.

Purple - The Club

Purple – The Club

12 months ago • INDIE • [ 2 comments ]

Welcome into the sensual and dark universe of Purple. A freeky private show!