Junip - Walking Lightly

Junip – Walking Lightly

11 months ago • INDIE

José González is back for our greatest pleasure with a new album Walking Lightly. This guy is magic.

Purple - The Club

Purple – The Club

11 months ago • INDIE • [ 2 comments ]

Welcome into the sensual and dark universe of Purple. A freeky private show!

Ayo - Fire Feat. Youssoupha

Ayo – Fire Feat. Youssoupha

11 months ago • INDIE

Ayo is back with a fourth album, “Ticket to the World”. To promote this release she teamed up the french rapper Youssoupha.

Mama Kin - Rescue (Radio Edit)

Mama Kin – Rescue (Radio Edit)

11 months ago • INDIE

You do need to try Mama Kin’s “Rescue”. The Magician’s Daughter, her sophomore album, is already out.



11 months ago • INDIE

The Pixies are back again with “Indie Cindy”, a better grip, a very different song, more pop and kind of melancholic.

Tricky - Parenthesis Feat. The Antlers

Tricky – Parenthesis Feat. The Antlers

11 months ago • INDIE

Tricky released a self-directed video for Parenthesis. Beware, Hell is around every corner.

Polly Scattergood - Cocoon

Polly Scattergood – Cocoon

11 months ago • INDIE

In Polly Scattergood’s perfect world, the thunder rumbles. Love the music, Love the visual!

Caro Emerald - I Belong To You (Acoustic)

Caro Emerald – I Belong To You (Acoustic)

11 months ago • INDIE

Caro Emerald released an acoustic version of her latest EP, The Shocking Miss Emerald. Give it a try!