The Paper Kites - Young

The Paper Kites – Young

1 year ago • INDIE

Amazing video featuring more than 350 faces and 4,000 photographs, and took 10 days of postproduction work to assemble. All singing The Paper Kites’ Young.

Idiot Songs - Devils (Official Video)

Idiot Songs – Devils (Official Video)

1 year ago • INDIE

Idiot Songs strike again with a visual for Devils. Kevin and Pearse keep on being creative.

Diana - Perpetual Surrender

Diana – Perpetual Surrender

1 year ago • INDIE

The group radiates a surprising maturity and Carmen bewitches us at every chorus.

Bel Heir - Kiss The Devil

Bel Heir – Kiss The Devil

1 year ago • INDIE

Bel Heir start to see their talent recognised. Give a try at their single “Kiss The Devil” . A tour with Sir Sly is upcoming…

Jimmy Tait - All my friends

Jimmy Tait – All my friends

1 year ago • INDIE

Watch the most bizarre karaoke ever seen made by Jimmy Tait for “All My Friends”‘ visual. Creepy, mournful but most certainly enjoyable.

Comett - Once upon a time / The city of lights

Comett – Once upon a time / The city of lights

1 year ago • FEATURED POSTS

Give a try at a great French indie band: Comett. Here is an original visual for Once upon a time / The city of lights. Enjoy!

St. Lucia – Elevate

St. Lucia – Elevate

1 year ago • INDIE

Here’s the last recording of the St. Lucia in their studio building. A farewell track made with love.

Movement - Us

Movement – Us

1 year ago • INDIE

A gun can kill; be careful to whom you give it. Try Movement and their darly sensual track “US”.