London Grammar - Hey Now (Video)

London Grammar – Hey Now (Video)

5 months ago • INDIE

London Grammar released a creative video for their latest single, Hey Now taken from their album If You Wait.

Rare Monk - Splice (Video)

Rare Monk – Splice (Video)

5 months ago • INDIE

Here’s a brilliant remake of Mobidick made by the Rare Monk from Portland.

Last Lynx - Lacuna (Video)

Last Lynx – Lacuna (Video)

5 months ago • FEATURED POSTS

Last Lynx are back with a video for Lacuna! Remember it?

Russ - Goodbye (Video + Download)

Russ – Goodbye (Video + Download)

5 months ago • HIP HOP

Watch how Russ says Goodbye to exes.

JBM - Only Now (Video)

JBM – Only Now (Video)

6 months ago • INDIE

Very cool piece from director Houmam Abdallah for JBM’s Only Now. Wandering in the Highlands…

Chet Faker - Talk Is Cheap (Video)

Chet Faker – Talk Is Cheap (Video)

6 months ago • INDIE

Australia can be proud! This is the first single from Chet Faker’s debut album Built On Glass accompanied by The stop motion video.

Jaymes Young - Dark Star (Video)

Jaymes Young – Dark Star (Video)

6 months ago • INDIE

Here is Young’s first ever video for the collection’s title track and breakaway tune.

The Peach Kings - Be Around (Video)

The Peach Kings – Be Around (Video)

6 months ago • INDIE

The Peach Kings offer a new visual where humans take the shape of landscapes!