POLIÇA - I Need $ // So Leave (Video)

POLIÇA – I Need $ // So Leave (Video)

6 months ago • INDIE

The Minneapolis synthpop trio Poliça releases two music videos in one, I Need $ and So Leave.

Emilíana Torrini - Tookah (Video)

Emilíana Torrini – Tookah (Video)

6 months ago • INDIE

Emilíana Torrini releases her official video for Tookah. Perfect as always my dear Emiliana!

Adam Carpet - Carpet (Video)

Adam Carpet – Carpet (Video)

6 months ago • INDIE

A newcomer: Adam Carpet. Hear what happy Italian folks can do with the video for Carpet.

Iamamiwhoami - Fountain (Video)

Iamamiwhoami – Fountain (Video)

6 months ago • INDIE

Jonna Lee is back with her icy vocals and majestic choruses to deliver a new single called Fountain. Enjoy this beautiful video!

Lakefield - Good Guy (Video)

Lakefield – Good Guy (Video)

6 months ago • INDIE

Enjoy this music video for Good Guy, the first single from the brand new album Swan Songs. This is how they pull up the covers, and blow out the light.

Black Submarine - Here So Rain (Video)

Black Submarine – Here So Rain (Video)

6 months ago • FEATURED POSTS

Black Submarine and their longly awaited debut album New Shores will soon hit the record stores! Here is a video for Here So Rain.

I will, I swear - Mess (Video)

I will, I swear – Mess (Video)

6 months ago • INDIE

Introducing a new Belgian duo I will, I swear who have just finished recording their first songs together that will leave anyone silent.

Promise Land - Recall (Video + Download)

Promise Land – Recall (Video + Download)

6 months ago • FEATURED POSTS

Introducing today Promise Land and their unique and pioneering music. We propose the track Recall, with video and a free download.