Glasser - Shape (Video)

Glasser – Shape (Video)

11 months ago •

Stunning work from Creators Project for Glasser’s single Shape. Do not miss this beauty!

Introducing: Truly Ford - Battles Cry (Video)

Introducing: Truly Ford – Battles Cry (Video)

12 months ago •

Introducing today Truly Ford and her powerful voice. Supernova EP is out and sounds very promising. Truly pleased to welcome her!

Wild Beasts - Wanderlust (Video)

Wild Beasts – Wanderlust (Video)

12 months ago •

The comeback song from Wild Beasts! Watch their new visual for Wanderlust, picturing four various characters ‘the thief’, ‘the good lady’, ‘the quarterback’ and ‘the girl’.

The Family Rain - Trust Me...I'm A Genius (Video)

The Family Rain – Trust Me…I’m A Genius (Video)

12 months ago •

The Family Rain are on the run! The 3 brothers Will, Ollie and Tim Walter just dropped this aesthetic visual full of suspense; directed by Joe Elliott.

Anushka - Never Can Decide (Video)

Anushka – Never Can Decide (Video)

12 months ago •

The Brighton-based duo Max and Victoria offer a visual for the upcoming single Never Can Decide. Here is for you Anushka.

Charlie Clark - Don't Let Me Down (Video)

Charlie Clark – Don’t Let Me Down (Video)

12 months ago •

Here is a stunning visual directed by Paul Orehovec for Charlie Clark’s Don’t Let Me Down. Feel Something EP is out.

Denai Moore - The Lake (Video)

Denai Moore – The Lake (Video)

12 months ago •

Introducing today Denai Moore and the stunning piece The Lake. You cannot remain indifferent while listening to this masterpiece.

Marten Hørger - Oh Girl Feat. Funkanomics (Video)

Marten Hørger – Oh Girl Feat. Funkanomics (Video)

12 months ago •

Have a bit of fresh breakbeat with Marten Hørger and Funkanomics and their video for Oh Girl.