Submission Sunday

Submission Sunday

1 week ago • NEWS

Enjoy your Sunday with Robert Glasper, Erykah Badu, Kognitif and a newcomer: Alex Jefferies.

Kan Wakan - Like I Need You (Wet remix + Video)

Kan Wakan – Like I Need You (Wet remix + Video)

2 weeks ago • MP3S

Give a try at Wet’s newest remix, Kan Wakan’s Like I Need You on YMT.

Palaxy Tracks - An Episode (Video)

Palaxy Tracks – An Episode (Video)

2 weeks ago • MUSICVIDEOS • [ 2 comments ]

A unique aesthetic and smart concept for Palaxy Tracks’s An Episode.

CSAAR - Hidden Love (Stream)

CSAAR – Hidden Love (Stream)

2 weeks ago • MP3S

Cute minimal and atmospheric melody offered by Caroly Saar.

Kyowa - The Ends of the Earth (Video)

Kyowa – The Ends of the Earth (Video)

2 weeks ago • INDIE

Discovering today Kyowa and her grim pop, The Ends of the Earth.

Samaris - Tibrá (Video)

Samaris – Tibrá (Video)

2 weeks ago • MUSICVIDEOS

Are you ready to surf an Icelandic wave?

Submission Sunday

Submission Sunday


Spend some quality time listening to The Division Men, Jeremy Mage & The Magi and Rokia Traoré.

Monophona - Thumb (Stream)

Monophona – Thumb (Stream)

3 weeks ago • MP3S • [ 2 comments ]

Welcoming once more this spellbinding trio Monophona and their new gem, Thumb.