Kyowa - The Ends of the Earth (Video)

Kyowa – The Ends of the Earth (Video)


Discovering today Kyowa and her grim pop, The Ends of the Earth.

Samaris - Tibrá (Video)

Samaris – Tibrá (Video)


Are you ready to surf an Icelandic wave?

Submission Sunday

Submission Sunday


Spend some quality time listening to The Division Men, Jeremy Mage & The Magi and Rokia Traoré.

Monophona - Thumb (Stream)

Monophona – Thumb (Stream)

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Welcoming once more this spellbinding trio Monophona and their new gem, Thumb.

Vallis Alps -  Vallis Alps (Album Stream)

Vallis Alps – Vallis Alps (Album Stream)


4 tracks to prove that Vallis Alps are ready to unveil their talent to the World.

Movement - Like Lust (Video)

Movement – Like Lust (Video)


Amazing art work from director Jessica Sarah Rinland for Movement’s Like Lust; she’s calling on, in the most implicit way, our primitive desires.

MK Grands - Visionary IX (Stream)

MK Grands – Visionary IX (Stream)

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MK Grands offer some quality down-tempo that could easily freeze time itself. Visionary IX on YMT!

Best NSFW videos of 2014

Best NSFW videos of 2014


You’re about to enter into YMT’s dark side. Today, take a freaky break and enjoy our Best NSFW videos 2014.