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Cymbals Eat Guitars - Definite Darkness

Cymbals Eat Guitars – Definite Darkness

776 days ago • ALTERNATIVE

Director Jamie Harley just dropped a new video for Cymbals Eat Guitars’ track ‘Definite Darkness’. The clip is composed of footage from the 1972 film Beauty Knows No [...]

Haleek Maul - Fraulein

Haleek Maul – Fraulein

807 days ago • HIP HOP

Jamie Harley teams up with 15-year old rapper Haleek Maul to create a visual for his track ‘Fraulein’. The video was put together by using footage from the [...]

A Classic Education - Baby, It's Fine

A Classic Education – Baby, It’s Fine

833 days ago • ALTERNATIVE

Another fine piece of work from director Jamie Harley as he takes on A Classic Education’s ‘Baby Its Fine’. The track comes off of Call It Blazing which [...]

Koudlam - Alcoholic's Hymn

Koudlam – Alcoholic’s Hymn

867 days ago • ALTERNATIVE

The talented director Jamie Harley has once again joined forces with Koudlam, this time to create a video for the track ‘Alcoholic’s Hymn’, that uses footage from the [...]

CANT - Believe

CANT – Believe

916 days ago • ALTERNATIVE

Chris Taylor aka CANT just released a new video for his track ‘Believe’. The clip was put together by the talented Jamie Harley, and fittingly, features dozens of [...]

Ganglians - Bradley

Ganglians – Bradley

938 days ago • ALTERNATIVE

Pitchfork just premiered this brand new visual from Ganglians for their track ‘Bradley’. The video was created by the talented Jamie Harley, and comes off the latest album [...]

Memoryhouse - Quiet America

Memoryhouse – Quiet America

988 days ago • ALTERNATIVE

A new video from Memoryhouse for ‘Quiet America’, which is a new track off the upcoming re-issue of The Years EP. As usual, Jamie Harley is involved, this [...]

Koudlam - Sunny Day

Koudlam – Sunny Day

1059 days ago • ALTERNATIVE

Director Jamie Harley created this visual for Paris-based crew Koudlam, with their track ‘Sunny Day’. The video takes footage from a Scientology movie titled The Way to Happiness. [...]

Clams Casino - Gorilla

Clams Casino – Gorilla

1094 days ago • ALTERNATIVE

Jamie Harley is back at it again, this time snaggin some clips from a old David Copperfield performance and using it for Clams Casino’s ‘Gorilla’.

Jeremy Jay - Caught In A Whirl

Jeremy Jay – Caught In A Whirl

1148 days ago • ALTERNATIVE

Jamie Harley doesn’t seem to sleep, as he drops another video this week. This time creating a visual for Jeremy Jay’s ‘Caught In A Whirl’.

Keep Shelly In Athens - Hauntin' Me

Keep Shelly In Athens – Hauntin’ Me

1150 days ago • INDIE

Another great visual from Jamie Harley, this time putting together a video for Keep Shelly In Athens ‘Hautin’ Me’.