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MGMT - Your Life Is A Lie

MGMT – Your Life Is A Lie

262 days ago • ALTERNATIVE • [ 2 comments ]

Watch the latest visual from Tom Kuntz for MGMT: Your Life Is A Lie. MGMT’s second album is to be expected in September.

Weekly Recap 16.2013

Weekly Recap 16.2013

368 days ago • NEWS

Some of the best videos and tracks to drop between April 14th to April 21st 2013. Enjoy!

MGMT - Alien Days

MGMT – Alien Days

369 days ago • MP3S

Earlier this week, we posted a stop-motion video teaser for MGMT’s Record Story Day cut “Alien Days” on our Facebook page, which gave us a brief taste of [...]

A Tribute To Fleetwood Mac (Album Stream)

A Tribute To Fleetwood Mac (Album Stream)

624 days ago • ALBUMS

After hearing numerous Fleetwood Mac cover songs over the past couple weeks, we are now presented with a full album stream of Just Tell Me That You Want [...]

MGMT - Future Games (Fleetwood Mac Cover)

MGMT – Future Games (Fleetwood Mac Cover)

657 days ago • MP3S

Another cut from the upcoming Fleetwood Mac tribute album has surfaced. This time from MGMT as they record a unique cover of “Future Games”. Just Tell Me That [...]

Top Animated Music Videos of 2011

Top Animated Music Videos of 2011

855 days ago • FEATURED POSTS • [ 1 comment ]

Just when you think that everything in the world of animation has been done before, directors and artists come out with some groundbreaking techniques and ideas that absolutely [...]

MGMT - All We Ever Wanted Was Everything

MGMT – All We Ever Wanted Was Everything

889 days ago • ALTERNATIVE

About a month ago, MGMT took part in the artist curated compilation album series, Late Night Tales. Included on the album is a Bauhaus cover of ‘All We [...]

MGMT Bombarded with Shoes

MGMT Bombarded with Shoes

990 days ago • MUSICVIDEOS • [ 2 comments ]

MGMT performed at the U.S. Open of surfing last weekend in California, and made the big mistake of telling the crowd to ‘give me your left shoe right [...]

Director's Spotlight : Andreas Nilsson

Director’s Spotlight : Andreas Nilsson


Andreas Nilsson has been on the scene for almost 10 years now and has been pumpin out dozens of music videos for a huge amount of artists that [...]

MGMT – Congratulations

1339 days ago • ALTERNATIVE


1396 days ago • ALTERNATIVE

Check out MGMT’s new video for their song “it’s Working”… I dont know how long it will stay before it gets pulled, so show your friends! QUICK!