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Daft Punk - Get Lucky (Unofficial)

Daft Punk – Get Lucky (Unofficial)

369 days ago • MP3S

After teasing us with a short clip 1-minute clip of their single “Get Lucky”, it seems that someone, somewhere might have leaked the supposed single. I’m not sold [...]

Kanye West - Way Too Cold (Unofficial)

Kanye West – Way Too Cold (Unofficial)

728 days ago • HIP HOP

A new fan made video comes at us today, as director Ashley Smith takes on Kanye West’s “Way Too Cold” and gives it some young Yeezy swagger. I [...]

Nicolas Jaar - Materials

Nicolas Jaar – Materials

807 days ago • ALTERNATIVE

TJ O’Grady-Peyton and David Magnier (otherwise known as directing duo Pondr) recently took it upon themselves to create a visual for Nicolas Jaar’s track ‘Materials’. The video stars [...]

Friendly Fires - Hurting (Unofficial)

Friendly Fires – Hurting (Unofficial)

866 days ago • ALTERNATIVE

Friendly Fires’ highly infectious track ‘Hurting’ gets another video courtesy of director Daniel Arthur. The visual captures an intense tournament of four square with a little choreographed dancing [...]

Amy Winehouse - Me & Mr. Jones (NSFW)

Amy Winehouse – Me & Mr. Jones (NSFW)

880 days ago • MUSICVIDEOS

After recently signing to Partizan, High 5 Collective stays on the the grind as they drop an unofficial and R-rated video for Amy Winehouse’s ‘Me & Mr. Jones’. [...]

M83 - My Tears Are Becoming a Sea (Unofficial)

M83 – My Tears Are Becoming a Sea (Unofficial)

896 days ago • ALTERNATIVE

Another unofficial video from Franck Deron as he pieces together some retro footage for M83′s track ‘My Tears Are Becoming a Sea’. He adds this to the video [...]

M83 - Wait (Unofficial)

M83 – Wait (Unofficial)

908 days ago • ALTERNATIVE

Franck Deron digs up some old footage that dates back from the 1950′s (I think) of some of the first primates to ever head up into space. The [...]

Cults - You Know What I Mean (Unofficial)

Cults – You Know What I Mean (Unofficial)

909 days ago • ALTERNATIVE

An unofficial video created by Kevin Lin for the Cults track ‘You Know What I mean’. The visual stars a young man who wakes up in pretty rough [...]

Kanye West and Jay Z - No Church In The Wild (Unofficial)

Kanye West and Jay Z – No Church In The Wild (Unofficial)

956 days ago • HIP HOP

The directing force under the name High 5 Collective have established themselves as a visual powerhouse these past couple months, by creating some captivating yet controversial videos. Here [...]

M83 - Midnight City (Unofficial)

M83 – Midnight City (Unofficial)

957 days ago • ALTERNATIVE

Dustin Sussman put together this unofficial video for one of my most recent favorite M83 tracks ‘Midnight City’. The visual is a collection of clips from the 1989 [...]

Bon Iver - Michicant (Unofficial)

Bon Iver – Michicant (Unofficial)

962 days ago • ALTERNATIVE

A fan made video for Bon Iver’s ‘Michicant’ that was made by James Gundersen. Didn’t expect much before watching this one, but was very impressed with the outcome. [...]